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Men Wishing to Become a Medical Assistant

Nobody knows for sure how many men are interested in becoming a medical assistant and how many are
working in this traditionally female dominated discipline already, but it is safe to say that the male to female ratio
in medical assisting remains remarkably low in comparison. Although when asked, most men agree that they
are very interested in a medical assistant career, however when looking at it realistically they quickly realize
that men are not offered the same job opportunities as their female counter parts and shy away. Men who enter
medical assisting, even in their 40s, can then use their talents and interests to pursue a variety of other, related
medical and health career paths, such as nursing, where the average RN salary of around $60,000 is very
competitive with other, more traditionally "manly" occupations such as in the health care business setting,
medical office or hospital administration, records management, pharma, biotech, medical device sales, or
physical and occupational therapy and rehab. The potential for six-figure salaries is one reason motivated and
tenacious individuals pursue these rewarding careers.
MaleMAwrote us this on Sep 17th, 2007 - 7:31 PM
"I am a male medical assistant in a doctor's office. I am assigned to a female CRNP. I work with her all the time. I do all back offices jobs except for EKGs (hospital policy). I have been in this office almost 3 years now. I am the only male in the practice except for the 1 male MD. If they need anything I am the one that has to move or pickup the object. I am also responsible for ordering and maintaining the vaccine used for shots in the practice. I am thinking about transferring  to another facility in the hospital..."-- MaleMA

More Male Medical Assistants

Although the job market for men in medical assisting is far better today than it was in the past men are still
denied full and equal participation in many aspects of this career, despite of their interest and qualifications. It
seems, doctors just cannot picture a man in a role that traditionally was dominated by women. Historically,
men have always been discouraged to enter care giving and nursing occupations, especially medical assisting.
Gender (un-)equality in medical assisting remains deeply rooted within today's society. Others seem
intimidated by the thought of a man in scrubs caring for their patients, especially when they are female.


There is no reason why men should not become medical assistants, except if they are working on a U.S. Navy
submarine. At present women cannot serve on a submarine battleship. For that to happen the Navy would have
to redesign its entire fleet of submarines to accommodate female recruits. A U.S. Navy medical assistant is
responsible for the radiological and environmental safety of the crew on a ship or submarine vessel. Their
duties involve first aid and medical assisting skills, which also encompasses radiation safety and atmosphere
control. They provide the engineering department with technical advice on the safe operating parameters of the
reactor cooling system. Sadly, even when a male medical assistant out-shines his female counterpart he still
might get passed over. That's exactly what is still happening in many facilities and is not fair.  Male medical
assistants must find ways to overcome these obstacles by being creative:

1.) Become certified and earn special limited licenses. Try looking outside of the box and work as a
Paramedical Examiner for companies like Port-a- Medic where you get paid for doing basic exams
venipunctures, recording vitals, EKGs, urine collection, and specimen collection for life insurance purposes.

2.) Open your own clinic. Become your own boss and hire Dr's, LPN's RN's and MA's. Yes, MA's can own a
clinic and run it! Be inventive.

3.) Open your own Wellness and Compliance company. Go from home to home or community to
community helping and educating people about hypertension, healthy eating etc. Run a blood pressure station,
cholesterol checks and blood sugar test for a small fee and recommend to those with problems to seek
professional help. Do not misrepresent yourself as a doctor or licensed health care provider, do not give
medical advice, nor diagnose; that's not your job, but you can help monitor. You can even work in conjunction
with a Medical Office or Doctor to facilitate these things.

4.) Teach medical assisting class. Apply at vocational training facilities, junior and community colleges, or
government sponsored programs for the unemployed seeking vocational rehabilitation.

If medical assisting is to fulfill its potential of providing quality care in a modern health care system, then sincere
efforts should be made to attract, recruit and train more men into available medical assisting positions.
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