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Formal training is not always needed, nor always expected to become a qualified medical assistant. In most states, medical assistants can be trained right on the job under the guidance of the doctor who hired them.  Doctors hire medical assistants with and without formal training, depending on their own preferences. Having a medical assistant allows them to focus directly on health issues and medical concerns of their patients without having to worry about daily medical office clerical, organizational and managerial routines. When the doctor enters the examination room the medical assistant has already obtained and organized important information such as the patient’s vital signs, height, weight, current medications, a brief summary of the reason for the visit, and any concerns the patient might have.

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Search using specific keywords. For instance, if you are looking for an entry-level job in a medical office, you have to use keywords like “medical assistant jobs” or “entry-level medical assistant”. This makes it easier for you to spot vacancies suited to your qualifications. Then apply with an updated version of your resume and cover letter. Having a current and well-written resume ready is another essential part of the job search process.